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A Year Mypersonalshopper

A Year Mypersonalshopper

It’s kind of unbelievable that I can write this headline… a year of MYPERSONALSHOPPER. When I decided to start my own fashion blog last year or rather a few month before, I was wondering why I should start my own blog although there are so many inspiring and great blogs out there? The answer was somehow easy as fashion and writing are the two things that really fill me with passion. It may sound a bit like a phrase, but that’s the truth.

After almost ten years as an editor in different areas like interior and travelling, my hobby “fashion” became bigger and bigger and it led in the end to my own fashion blog. The name MYPERSONALSHOPPER comes from my job and what I do as a personal shopper, inspiring and encouraging others to embrace the most beautiful side of the fashionworld. Creating your own looks, recording new collections and trends, and showing them “in my own way” on my blog is what I really love. At the same time I am still looking for my “own”style. Even if all looks bear my signature, I like to test new things and dare myself always to things that I could never have imagined before.

Sometimes I was asked if it really makes sense to start a new blog nowadays with the daily growing numbers of great blogs, but my personal answer is “yes”, because everyone has its own content and its own intention to start a blog. I appreciate every honest comment and I am happy about everyone who likes my style and is interested in what I do every day… But I also have to admit that there are days when you ask yourself if you should go on and the motivation isn’t at the hightest level. Then it always helps to remember why you’ve  started this blog and other thoughts disappear very quickly…

Since I started my blog after a visit to New York, it seemed natural to show you another look from New York … You know now how much I love this city and a shoot there was more than obvious.

With this look, I once again decided to go with a jumpsuit, because jumpsuits unfortunately are too often missed out when it comes to my own wardrobe. They always offer so many different ways of styling like this Mango one, which I have combined with a refined blouse by Ksenia Schnaider. A chic 24/7 look for my first birthday and it is soooo me.

Love, Denise