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Dandy Detour - Etro FW18

Dandy Detour - Etro FW18

It was Etro's 50th anniversary men's collection presentation at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio, an event that presented us with a message that was hard not to understand: 
“The way you live is the way you dress, and I’ve always been known as an interior decorator of men’s” 
said Kean Etro. According to this tune, the collection had an intense focus on tapestry materials while models lounged on vintage chairs. Every look from the collection developed into an aesthetic adventure. With a strong attitude towards poetry and romanticism, Etro's decorative outfits were worn by modern dandies and were perfectly blended with the vintage furniture set up throughout the presentation. With a strong nod to the ‘70s, materials and fabrics were super rich. Woolen cardigans combined with jacquards, velvet and corduroy provided an opulence that seemed to be reinterpreted from interior decor to clothing, whilst giving a hint to private memories in tandem to the designer's private life as well. 
By Marie