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How to Style: A Shirtdress Four Ways

How to Style: A Shirtdress Four Ways

Today, I’ll be sharing how to style a shirtdress four ways. Every girl should own a shirtdress, preferably an all white or all black one to start. Why you ask? It’s too versatile of a piece to pass.

Layer Your Shirtdress

I gave this plaid one style by adding a skirt over it. On Fall days, I always try to carry a trench jacket, bomber, sweater or leather jacket with me in the case that it gets much colder. The trench jacket will give your look more of a chic, business woman feel while the leather jacket is mainly kept for Happy hour. I’ll wear a sweater or bomber when I’m headed out for a movie or to grab a quick bite to eat.

Layers are such an important Fall factor. This year, I’m loving a skirt over pretty much any piece of clothing. Also, incorporated my current favourite Aldo booties to the mix to really emphasis the cool elements of this look.

Casual & Simple

I give you the most simple way of styling a shirtdress. This look is pretty straight forward, basically just add a leather jacket, sneakers to your outfit and head out the door for a full day of all kinds of comfort cool feels. In these images, I’m wearing my favourite Michael Kors sneakers of the moment. I kid you not, I wear them everyday with every and any outfit.

Tuck It In

Tuck it in whatever bottom you’re wearing and rock it as a long sleeve tee. If you’re really feeling risky, try leaving the bottom half unbuttoned (not featured in these images). This way of styling the piece might give you less height so in this instance I would recommend rocking a heel or bootie to add some of that lost height.

Try Rocking Your Shirtdress As A Kimono

Lastly and once again a very “to the point” way of styling a shirtdress. Try adding your shirtdress over a basic tee and jeans to elevate your casual look. As previously mentioned, on colder days, I like to carry a sweater or jacket around with me. The shirt dress is a great alternative to any outerwear. For this look, I wore my Dr.Marten Oxfords to keep that level of comfort. Don’t be shy to upgrade any one of these styles with a hot pair of heels.

Finally, leave a comment below on how you style your shirtdress and what’s your favourite outerwear piece. I love reading your thoughts and comments, also would love to know what you guys would like to read next!!!