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Candy Cotton Coats – What’s Your Flavour?

Candy Cotton Coats – What’s Your Flavour?

The cold season is in, but that doesn't mean we have to do without our love for pastel candy colours. So we are looking forward to underline our feminity and bright side during fall and winter season by wearing coats in pastel candy shades. These coats can be seen everywhere, whether you are releasing your inner unicorn or you are spotted at a fashion show. From runway to the streets and admired at celebrity events. These stunning sorbet shades of peach, pink, lilac, mint and orange have made an appearance and are definitely a great way to escape the grumpy weather. 
So standing out in the cold and ideally making the colder season your friend. It is a positive vibe that you a spreading, because these bright colours are associated with positive vibes. But even grey and brown make it into the cotton candy coats because they are lighter colours than black and navy blue. 

But now – which colour do you want to choose? More into a fluffy wool pink pastel coat, or into an aquamarine belted draped trench? Or are you more a blueberry blue retro inspired girl? What about an oversized yellow coat? Or a mint coloured coat with a light grey scarf?

Pastel coats will be a sure thing and huge this year. You will stay cosy and stylish and we selected some street styles for you to see that there is so much variety, different hues, fabrics and combinations. You can see from the pictures that even though it is a colder season and you are wearing layers (maybe), the looks are fresh, comfy and trendy. 

A frontrunner when it comes to range of style and colours is Max Mara – they are offering cashmere pastel coloured coats in different styles: belted, with pockets in wool and so on. Blueberry blue, yellow sorbet, peach tones. 
Some other brands that offer your daily dose of awesomeness in pastels this fall would be: Residual, Jil Sander, Kate Spade, Mulberry, Novis, Piazza Sempione, Andreeva and Banana Republic. You see: There is a candy cotton coat to suit every budget. More expensive ones from the top labels and more affordable ones from stores like Zara, H&M and Co. So no excuse this time – make your appearance bright, shine bright, stand out and be a flamingo in a field of pigeons.
By Miriam