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The Phenomenon Caro Daur – What is Her Secret?

The Phenomenon Caro Daur – What is Her Secret?

You know her, you have seen her before, and she is all over social media and street style pages. Who she is? A 21-year-old girl from Hamburg, Germany. And right now maybe one of the most famous bloggers and influencers of the world – Caro(line) Daur. 

Her secret? Well, let’s find out, shall we? 

She reaches approx. 250.000 readers with her blogs and has around 1,2m followers on Instagram. She works with big fashion brands and is invited to red carpet events. One of the most influential and successful bloggers from Germany. 

Always travelling, always in hotels, always surrounded by the media – Caro is living the good life, the jet set life. She is travelling a lot. Her looks are being captured on fashion weeks. Her style, elegantly wearing a Dolce&Gabbana gown for the red carpet event in Venice, or more casual wearing an oversized Zara sweater and jeans. Dolce&Gabbana has made her run their catwalk for two seasons now and is sponsoring her with amazing dresses and looks, whenever she needs to attend a big event. She is a great fan of the designer duo. 
Another big collaboration – MAC Cosmetics. Yes ladies, Caro had her dream come true – she has her own MAC lipstick shade named, of course, “Caro Daur”. There are no limits for Caro, she is busy. Everybody wants her as a partner. She has been on the covers of Vogue Japan and L’Officiel Germany and has been in many magazines with her fashionable street styles. 

Her beginnings – not so glamorous. She started as a common fashion blogger, buying clothes from her own money. She never bought trends though; just stuff she really liked and her sense for fashion did not prove her wrong. She pulls her street styles together with such an eye for future trends that we can only admire her looks. They are an inspiration – no wonder why she is a role model for so many girls out there. 

She looks stunning, whether it is her wearing a red oversized sweater and checked pants with a wool coat or a floating Chloé dress, Dior heels and a Miu Miu clutch. She pairs a stunning print maxi dress with sporty white sneakers and a Miu Miu bag. Or a sheer skirt with a military blazer, booties, of course black shades and again a Miu Miu bag. Her style is absolutely unique and fashion-forward. 
By Miriam