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Minimalism in Fashion – Clean and Edgy

Minimalism in Fashion – Clean and Edgy

If you thought minimalism is boring – just don’t call it minimalistic. It is everything else but boring. Minimalistic fashion has been big in business ever since. Style-conscious people like designers, stylists, models, and bloggers realised that solid, classy pieces are the best idea around. 

The really new wave of minimalism was fuelled by the concept of Phoebe Philo at Céline. Phoebe proved right in the middle of the economic dip that her vision of minimalism was so effective. Minimal is never and will never be boring, it just remains chic and the looks are in constant presence on the streets. The simple look is in town and lots of women embrace the effortless style. 

The idea behind new minimalism (so-called post-minimalism) revolves around simple throw-on pieces. These pieces aren’t actually simple at all (when it comes to design and production). You can use a shift dress and wrap it with a matching belt or a giant leather bag and choose everything in the same colour (sorbet shades, white, black or grey are frontrunners here). There are plenty of creative ways you may wear minimalism. 

Designers like Loewe, Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, Stella McCartney or Hermès used the post-minimalism looks in their current collections and showed once again that also minimalism can always reinvent itself. 

It is the beautiful antithesis to all the prints, colour blocking, mix and match looks, stripes we have seen so far. The purism comes with subtle details to make simple items the most exciting thing you ever want to wear. Tactile fabrics (micro-pleats, earthy, luxe comfortable hessian). J.W. Anderson and Stella McCartney played in their collection with volume, shape, and utilitarian colours – to make pieces practical and make them go with literally everything you already own. If your fashion approach is “less is more”, then you are already part of that movement. 

We believe that minimalism is the ultimate timeless fashion statement. Minimalism will be in fashion in 20 years still and has been in fashion ever since. Maybe colours, shapes and fabrics change, but the idea behind it will always remain. That is so great about minimalism. It is minimal, yes, but a big statement in fashion. Because people with style will always pull off a great minimalism look, there does not have to be a lot in order to wear something fashion-forward.
By Miriam