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Antonio Grimaldi Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018

Antonio Grimaldi Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018

Antonio Grimaldi has always dreamt of being a designer. His strong interest in fashion and especially art and architecture have formed what we know to be one of today's most refined Haute Couture houses. Merging traditional skills with modern silhouettes, his designs live through his contemporary art inspired by somewhat Aphrodite aesthetics that can be spotted in every single piece within his collection. When we take a closer look at his captivating daytime to nighttime appropriate dresses, Grimaldi's Spring/Summer mood has something military about it.

Dungaree inspired dresses with embellished straps were paired alongside metal embroidered shirts to recall the ranks of generals. Coat dresses and shirts as long dresses worn over pants were continuously combined with flat sandals. The collection’s colour palette ranged from earthy shades of beige and copper to mauve and saturated khaki shades. Sunset coloured prints, sun-soaked gold and copper-effect pink channeled a warm feel whilst encountering cultural heritage. After all, this couture collection was made for strong women with a „spirit of travel“ state of mind. 
By Marie