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Who Run the World? Girls! Suits for Women.

Who Run the World? Girls! Suits for Women.

What a statement when Lady Gaga wore a simple oversized suit by Marc Jacobs. A statement against sexual assault and for women to be strong and to stand up for their voice and rights.

Suits have been a strong fashion trend for a while now. The minimalism trend made them even more fab and suits appeared throughout all seasons. Oversized suits were commonly seen at fashion weeks in all shapes and colours.

Another new trend when it comes to suits are boiler suits. Originally designed as one-piece protective garment at work, boiler suits are now fashionable pieces and even functional. These long-sleeved jumpsuits are available in a variety of bright and vibrant colours and cuts. How about red, coral, pink or camel? The beige and khaki style reminds us of old safari days in Africa. Whereas the bright pieces are more than just a fashion statement on the streets. They are hot!
By Miriam