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KARL LAGERFELD x Olivia – the Interview

KARL LAGERFELD x Olivia – the Interview

Get some insights of the latest exclusive collection of KARL LAGERFELD X OLIVIA PALERMO

We are in love with the collection and now it is time for some details on how it all started. Lucky us that were able to get some answer directly from Olivia herself. 

What was your inspiration when creating your edit of the collection?
I wanted to play with KARL’s Parisian classics and add my own touch with a tailored yet electric feel. 

There it is – electric. We heard that word quite often in combination with the collection. 

How do you describe your style in three words?
Electric, tailored and polished.

We also wanted to know how the collaboration with KARL LAGERFELD came about and whose idea it was that Olivia would curate the collection?
Her answer was really simple and shows her admiration for the designer: 
I’ve always had admiration for Karl and been a fan of his brand. One day I was dressed in an iconic KARL button-down shirt and thought, wouldn’t it be a great idea if we collaborated a collection that could fuse our two signature styles?

No wonder how the KARL X OLIVIA Collectiongot the look. 

What a highlight to work on this collection with such an incredible team, Olivia said. We can imagine. 

But we wanted to know what is your favourite piece from the collection?
I’m a big fan of mixing leather pants and white button-down shirts. The piece from the collection that’s most New York: the leather pants. 

And Olivia, what do you love about Parisian style?
I love that the women have an effortless lair – it’s not overdone, it’s not underdone. There’s just something sexy about it. 

Yes we agree, what a great collection and amazing work behind it. Thank you Olivia for sharing your thoughts on the collection with us. 
By Miriam