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Camel Brown – Camel Coats

Camel Brown – Camel Coats

We have been harsh on Camel brown because it is nothing new. Really so sure about that?

Yet this fall season nothing is more beautiful than wearing a Camel brown coat. Winter is here, as they would say. So is the colour Camel. So for fall/winter 2019 the camel coat trend continues and is more comprehensive than ever. Max Mara, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi – all of them showed their version of the Camel coat.

The best part of camel brown – wearing it with everything. For this fall season the Camel coat is updated with little details like styles, shapes, lengths or colour shades. Whether you want a cool, tomboy oversized coat or one with a belt. You can wear them with almost everything your closed has to offer – A-line skirts, casual blue jeans or dresses. Camel brown is a natural shade and compatible with lots of other colours. Yet the coat remains classy and somewhat business appropriate. Yes business ladies. Camel brown makes us feel grown up, at least somehow. A camel style trench is a very sophisticated workwear vibe.

Fabrics of the coats might be cashmere, wool or padded fabrics. Wrap around coats make your shape more feminine and are a perfect match if you want to wear a dress underneath. More casual style would be an oversized coat with some jeans and white shirts.

Let’s be clear – the Camel brown coat take you from cool to chic. 
By Miriam