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London Fashion Week Men

London Fashion Week Men

It is that time of the year again – well dressed men conquer the streets of London.
In June London celebrated LFWM and the creative diversity of menswear. 
Than means British heritage meets vibrant streetwear. LFWM is a colourful mix of art and fashion and numerous shows and events.

As the years before the focus is #PositiveFashion and stands for diversity, sustainability and the support for a positive, global change.

And how did these fashionable gents dress?

Well print shirts, lots of them with floral prints or stripes and even cheeky fruity prints. Suits, of course. Blazers, jumpers and shirts with caps or hats. The details this time were cross-body bags, sunglasses with chains and even high-waisted pants (exactly for men). Styles were matched with finesse and in the end it looked very modern and chic.

London Fashion Week Men was always and will always be the event for thinker, discoverer, creator, technology, art, fashion and performance. This time all this took place at DiscoveryLAB. 

And now get inspired by our impressions of London. 
By Miriam