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ALPHA STUDIO by Franco Rossi

ALPHA STUDIO by Franco Rossi

State-of-the-art knitting, the balance between tradition and innovation – ALPHA STUDIO.
ALPHA STUDIO is a strong tradition paired with essential design for long-lasting sophisticated style, classicism and uniqueness.

From classical roots to timeless elegance – ALPHA STUDIO embodies all that. The label is the symbol of Italian craftmade culture and creativity. The label combines old techniques with vibrant colours, latest trends in order to produce elegant and comfortable pieces.

ALPHA STUDIO uses linen, Alpacas, cashmere, jersey, wool and cotton for their designs. New shapes, colours and details are the key of the ALPHA STUDIO collections.

ALPHA STUDIO offers women and menswear. Knitwear at its best. The latest collection is full of high quality, timeless and effortless pieces. From black dresses to white sweaters. From polo knitwear to simple cardigans. From striped designs to plain coloured ones. ALPHA STUDIO is made in Italy and the Italian style is always on point.
By Miriam