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BOTTER – Berlin Fashion Week be Ready for Some Island Vibes

BOTTER – Berlin Fashion Week be Ready for Some Island Vibes

Dutch menswear label BOTTER opened Berlin Fashion Week with an island inspired collecting referring to their Carribean roots.

The design duo behind the label BOTTER, Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh, showed a colourful collection with clothes that hark back to their roots – the Dutch Caribbean island Curaçao and Dominica.

And their spring/summer 19 collection is a mix of island culture, smart elegance and European tailoring. Named „Al Fombra“ - bright colours and prints met with plastic neckerchiefs, baseball caps, street style and plain plastics. Accessories were inflatable pool toys, which the models carried as bags or fashion hats.

The clothes BOTTER showed prove that they are not just garments, they have a meaning. They are lively, fragile and original. And another thing, why BOTTER is a label to watch. Their cast of models is a mix of male and female models and very diverse. That just underlines their opinion on fragility and personal history in fashion.
By Miriam