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Chanel Métiers d’art 2018/2019 Paris – New York

Chanel Métiers d’art 2018/2019 Paris – New York

Every year in December Karl Lagerfeld presents a very special collection, which is dedicated to the Métiers d’art of Chanel. This Defilé represents the dialogue between the creator and the Métiers d’art Houses and puts the manufacturers in the focus. Artistic, technical and cultural heritage are being celebrated at this show.

Chanel is actually the only House that dedicates a fashion show and own collection to the precious savoir faire. Today the “Paraffection” brings together 26 Maisons d’art and manufacturers.

The collection 2018/2019 in New York includes and showcases GOSSENS - goldsmith, shoemaker MASSARO, the embroiderer LESAGE, and which is also responsible for the typical Chanel Tweed, DESRUES – costume jeweller, LEMARIÉ, feather and flower maker, pleater LOGNON and the ATELIER MONTEX – also an embroiderer of Chanel

This year the inspiration for the collection came from Egypt, Cleopatra and the Pharaohs. A perfect setting like the pyramids at the Nile with prints that remind us of hieroglyphs and lots of golden detailing. The perfectly showcased show and the incredible looks proof once more that Karl Lagerfeld is an inexhaustible source of fashion and inspiration.  

By Miriam