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Getting Ready For The Most Fashionable Men in Italy

Getting Ready For The Most Fashionable Men in Italy

It is about to happen again – Pitti Uomo is just around the corner. Of course we will attend it for you again and show you the best dressed men from the Italian fashion event.

But until it is that time again – let us do a recap on the most memorable fashion moments of Italian men.

Italian fashion is fashion forward and trending at all times. At Pitti Uomo all fashionable men are gathering and showing off their personal interpretation of fashion trends and their very unique style.

So yes, we tend to see suits, lots of them to be precise. A suit is the bold fashion statement for men. The key is the colour, the details, the shape and the fabric. Suits come in vibrant colours or classic ones. The details can be a colourful tie, a bow tie, bright shoes, a hat or a bag, even socks that stand out. But most of all, the classic dandy look gets a modern update with wests or coats and jackets worn with the suit. And Italian fashion is portraying that exact suit fashion – the classic fashion piece for men.
By Miriam