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Henrik Vibskov – SS Menswear 2019

Prints and dramatic shapes, fashion forward shoes with a chance of rain and heavy winds.
„Due To Sudden Weather Change“ – the latest collection of Henrik Vibskov.
Wind inspired the meteorological and metaphorical phenomenon inspired spring/summer 2019 collection.
Wind is essential for mankind as tool for energy, transport and play. Wind can be our friend yet turns into our enemy.

The collection of Henrik Vibskov reflects wind in different ways: silhouettes are inspired by movement and caught by the wind. The details of the collection are the prints of the garments, sandals in combination with printed socks, rain caps and dramatic shapes. Henrik Vibskov took on the idea to incorporate waves, bubbles, parachutes and aerodynamics into his collection. 

His show was an installation of the VIBS Air Repair Service. Working outfits were controlling manually the mechanical wind turbines. The installation used recycled old sheets from a laundry service coloured with black tea. It is a vibrant image of how people can work with the wind instead of fighting against it. 
By Miriam