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Launch of COS X STUDIO SWINE’S Installation “New Spring”

Shanghai – ahead of its public launch on the 20th October the COS X STUDIO SWINE installation “New Spring” was unveiled before being open for public from the 20-28th October.

“New Spring” is actually an interactive blossoming sculpture that emits mist-filled bubbles in an award-winning artwork. The sculpture evolves to reflect the environment and is a unique iteration and standalone installation. It’s universal, simple, and minimalistic and may be interpreted in many ways. “New Spring” was first conceived for COS during Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2017 and later travelled to Design Miami.

COS is a high quality fashion brand with a modern, timeless and functional design. Understatement is their mantra and COS has always been a supporter of art. Studio Swine is an art collective and their work straddles between sculpture, installations, cinema and even poetry. Studio Swine has gained international audience and has been widely exhibited in the entire world.

“New Spring” coincides with the COS’s online launch in China. In celebration of this the special COS X Studio Swine collection will be available for customers across selected COS stores in China.
By Miriam