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Lena Hoschek AW19/20 – Men at work

Lena Hoschek AW19/20 – Men at work

“Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together” 
– Marilyn Monroe. 
Lena Hoschek took that approach and inspiration and created a whole new level of #bossgirl vibes at Berlin Fashion Week with her Fall/Winter 19/20 collection.
Conventional menswear was adapted into womenswear and enhanced by feminine styles and sex appeal.

Flower prints and Harris Tweed, gardening in high heels and the Rodeo shirt became a dress. Lena Hoschek took styles from famous personalities and created something new. Clark Gables “Three-Piece-Suit” became a fierce costume. Wes Anderson’s tie became a corsage dress, Nick Caves shirt was printed with florals. Noel Gallagher’s parka was taken away and mixed with classic blue, grey and mustard yellow. 
Industrial clothing influenced her workwear pieces. And for the first time ever she used Denim in her collection. A new perfect fit jeans was created – going by the name of Norma. 
By Miriam