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Minardi is Conquering the Male Fashion World

Minardi is Conquering the Male Fashion World

We are witnesses of a new era – Minardi – an Italian label is taking over the male fashion world and invading the pockets of Pitti Uomo attendants.
Minardi is a label that produces bags, IPhone covers, belts and so called “Quadrettos” from leather. And here is the key: Quadrettos are absolutely fashionable five in one pocket square with exquisite leather and Italian luxury fabrics. The products are handmade by Italians. And the Qaudrettos were an absolute fashion piece of the male bloggers at Pitti Uomo.

Minardi itself is a traditional Italian label that is transmitting the value of passion, honesty, creativity and courage in the modern fashion world. With the own Minardi Store the label is now distributed worldwide and showing that a tradition can be modern and that style may be full of contrasts between classic and modern approaches.
By Miriam