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Pitti Uomo – Our Most Memorable Moments

Pitti Uomo – Our Most Memorable Moments

On Instagram you should have already been able to gain an impression of our most memorable moments at Pitti Uomo in beautiful Florence. Pitti Uomo is a very particular and special fashion occasion. Most of all it is very close and familial. The bloggers or let’s say gentlemen, know themselves and treat each other more like family.

Common dinners, making fun and jokes and even singing songs together is not unusual for Pitti Uomo.
Like I said it, is about the flair that is so special about Pitti Uomo. Male fashion is different, menswear is different. We were able to capture these moments for you and we were impressed by the effortless looks the gentlemen showed us and still being so trendy and fashion forward classy.

Fashion is fun, versatile and nowadays not only a thing for women. Pitti Uomo showed that all this is true. 
By Miriam