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Street Style: How to Wear Overknees

Street Style: How to Wear Overknees

One thing you cannot get around this fall are overknees or over-the-knee socks. Although they are trendy, the wearer should be careful when wearing them. If you are thinking of making a bold move, you should first know how to wear them. In order to catch the streetstyle vibe and in order to wear them like the bloggers do, continue reading!

When you are wearing overknees the wrong way, they become too tight on your legs. When they are too tight, they simply don’t look as great as they should. Overknees should make your legs look longer, not suffocated.

So, what should you consider when you buy your pair of overknees?

First, they should fit your feet perfectly. Give yourself enough space in the legs and try a few sizes until you find one that works for you. They should not be too tight, but they should not fall off either. If your fingers still fit between your leg and the shoe, that fit is perfect.

You don’t have to wear them on naked skin. You can wear tights or pants with them. The trick is finding a size that fits just right. If you are wearing your overknees on bare skin and want to make sure it looks great on you why not trying one of the body sculpture gels. Bloggers are using them, models are using them, so why not give them a try? They make your skin look tighter and give you that extra care you need.

You will find different models of Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Yves Saint Lauren, Buffalo, Gianvito Rossi and other designers sporting this accessory with a variety of looks. All overknees come in different fabrics, like suede, leather, cotton and more. They also come in different styles and colors, like black, grey, camel, dark brown or embellished, fringe, floral.

Overknees are the perfect addition for your fall/winter street style look. If you want to make a statement this season, wear them high (heels and length wise) and wear them in floral prints. They will instantly brighten up your day during the colder season.
By Miriam