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Ton Robes – The New Trench Coats

Ton Robes – The New Trench Coats

Don’t feel like getting dressed this morning? No problem, just toss on a fancy robe and you’re good to go. 
It's not about wearing sleepwear outdoors, but rather bringing comfort from the home to the outside world. The robe-influence is quite lovely, easy, effortless and a statement. The street style looks are interesting with lovely colouring, prints and a comfortable edge. Wearing a robe in and out, no matter what mood at the moment. 

After two seasons of pajama and slip dresses it was only a matter of time, before robes would conquer the runways and street styles of bloggers and models. So this summer you will find them in a range from laid-back to evening appropriate. Robes are now sartorially and socially acceptable attire. The idea is to feel comfortable and breezy. Now you can laze around in your fanciest robe and nobody will give you that shocked look. It’s in fashion! You may also wear the more masculine sensuality meet boudoir elegance robe as wrap jackets or gowns. 

We have seen robes on everything – from more lounging effects to single piece swimsuits to being a cover over sheer clothing underneath. 

You may add in a bralette and printed khakis (as Alberta Feretti or Roberto Cavalli did on their runways). In several looks the robes take on a new meaning. Combining them with Chinese-style printed dresses is easy and unexpected and Vivetta and other designers opted for that look. From Lacoste to DVF, Baja East or Jonathan Simkhai. Floral printed robes are a big thing this summer. You can pair them with other floral prints or even wear your entire sleepwear as outerwear. Wearing a head to toe pinstriped pajama has never been more up-to-date than ever. 

At Milan Fashion Week this trend was really emphasized, but also seen in London and New York or Paris. And here it comes, it is not only for women – we have seen street styles of men wearing their robes as well (just watch Graziano Di Cintio). Robes are the modern trench coats, just fabrics are lighter, more floating and we get them in printed options. 

And now we want you to get on your effortless look and bring it to the streets – wear it, live it and love it.
By Miriam