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The Must Have Shorts Trends For Men This Summer

The Must Have Shorts Trends For Men This Summer

Shorts are not really the easiest summer trend for men to pull off, but we are here to help you guys. No worries. Be inspired by our little shorts guide


Shorts are perfect as relaxed and casual looks. Combine your navy linen shorts with a simple white T-shirt, a pair of espadrilles and you are good to go. 

Smart casual

Shorts make an impression if you wear them in the right context. So a chino-esque short with a sweater or blazer and loafers is a bit more sophisticated than the usual casual version. 

Short shorts

The cropped or short shorts are retro inspired. It is one of the most versatile short styles this summer. So if you feel like you want to go for prints or bright colours that is fine, but usual tones like white or navy are totally fine, too. 

Baggy shorts

Well guys for this style, proportion is key. Make sure the baggy shorts fit your body type. The baggy shorts are not as tight as the usual ones, so make sure you make them look good.

Sport shorts

Yes, that is right, you are allowed to wear your sport shorts in daily life. They are comfortable and the designers adapted sport shorts in basic colours for maximum versatility. Try them with bomber jackets and baseball caps. 
By Miriam