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Is the New Vinyl Trend Risque or Sophisticated?

Is the New Vinyl Trend Risque or Sophisticated?

The current vinyl trend in 2018 is taking us back to the 90s Supermodel era – the old MTV days when we dressed with fun and trends were easy to copy.

True, vinyl has always been edgy and something not everybody could pull off, but the current pieces we spotted at Paris Fashion Week are proof that vinyl is going to make a big impact in 2018.

Yu Yang attended Paris Fashion Week and was able to capture vinyl in different styles and colours. Mainly black (because it just shines better in black) and red are very popular in streetstyles, such as pants and trenchcoats. Vinyl pants and boots (and overknees) are maybe the most favourite pieces of bloggers and celebrities these days.

Vinyl is a style of patent leather, very glossy, very shiny. I am sure the vinyl pants already invaded your Instagram feed. Bloggers all around the world love playing with vinyl pants and skirts and now discovered the coat version for their wardrobe. Wearing a vinyl coat is a statement. If you are not that fashion forward try a vinyl skirt with a plain white shirt or a vinyl pant with an oversized sweater.

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By Miriam