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Leather Coats Ruling The Fashion Streets

Leather Coats Ruling The Fashion Streets

Okay, okay, we already know that oversized coats are quite a trend in fall/winter 2017. We also know that sorbet colours are really up to date and we know camel brown is also one of the best coat colours. Are there any other trends? Yes! Leather coats, ladies! 
The leather coat is a basic wear for stylish and modern women on the streets and in fashion. 

We spotted some leather coats at London Fashion Week and have to say that the main colour is black. Having said that, we also spotted brown, red and yellow. So colourful jackets are also a trend in fall season. 

An example for a red leather jacket would be Versace, they are rocking the tomboy image. Lanvin showed a longer navy blue version of the leather coat. Tracy Reese showed a pink version on the catwalk. Bottega Veneta showed a black leather coat. 
The texture of these leather jackets/coats is patent leather, glance and sharp. 

What about adding something else? Maybe fur? The leather and fur mix is the ideal combination of materials and a perfect match for winter. It is comfortable and warm and looks luxurious, rich and feminine at the same time. The fur collar is a perfect replacement for scarves. Also fake-fur alternatives have been spotted and are just as beautiful as real fur. 

And how do you wear the leather coat or jacket? The combinations are just as endless as with usual jackets. If you own a classic moto jacket in leather, wear it with a crop top and jeans or a dress. We know that red is hot and even hotter with a sporty look, skirt or shorts. If you are aiming for a crop top version with pants, add a leather jacket in black. You can never go wrong with that. 
Neutral hues are great, if you want to look more casual. A shiny leather coat or jacket is definitely the Matrix moment and will make an impression on the streets. 
And last but not least, white is also an option. White is not as usual as the other colours, but will definitely make you stand out. 

Ready for some drama? Then the studded or big belt version of a leather coat is just exactly what you need. 

Ok, so let us keep in mind: The main style for leather this fall season are coats and biker jackets or leather formal jackets in various lengths. Overall short leather coats are more popular than longer versions, but the longer ones are more practical for winter season. The jackets come in various shapes: like volume, super-fitted or even cropped. 
By Miriam