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Our Milan Fashion Week Recap of Street Style Looks

Our Milan Fashion Week Recap of Street Style Looks

Milan is a vibrant city. Fashion is inevitable. It is happening there every day, not only at times of fashion week. Yet it is one of the cities that shows great street styles particularly at fashion week times. Because the Italians love fashion and they have their unique way of showing that.

So let us take a look at some street styles we were able to catch for you. Yu Yang was there for us and took pictures of the hottest looks from Milan’s streets.

Dolce & Gabbana presented some very fancy and playful designs this year, with details at bags and shoes that would make them standout. No wonder the bloggers took these designs to the streets and wore shoes with embellished heels of roses. Or loafers in suede. Bags with patches and tassels. Socks with crystals.

Leather and red was also something this time – red, the colour of sophisticated women, and leather as stylish pattern.
And what about boyish inspiration for women? Like Heidi wearing a menswear blazer with a white blouse and gladiator boots in black? Milan has always been very edgy. These looks show that women love to be more independent and have no fear of showing that. Boyfriend’s styles are still a trend and this look is definitely the next level.
Boyfriend jeans, or mommy jeans, are a trend we saw in many stores this summer. The skinny jeans are not being replaced, but we want more movement. In combination with a casual sweater, but high heels, this look will even make it to the runway show of Jil Sander.
The boyfriend blazer is not an oversized blazer for women; it is really a blazer that a man could wear. Even the prints are men inspired ones. So for this look with casual jeans but very bright blue heels and earrings, you are adding a feminine touch. A leather bucket bag is making this look perfect.

Denim – the all-time favourite of models off duty. Being incognito with an oversized denim coat, jeans, black boots and black shades. Denim with denim is a combo that is casual and comfortable, but can be high fashion. Like with this street style look.

Floral prints have been seen at every fashion week this year. There is nothing more than floral bouquets, embellished florals or floral prints. A combination of blouse, skirt and boots is a statement. Adding a Fendi Micro bag and some fancy sunglasses and you are already celebrating next summer.

Oversized coats – we love seeing them and we love wearing them. They are protecting us from the cold and making us look good. We can add lots of layers underneath and they are still perfect. Marine blue, camel or soft pastel shades. This season the oversized coat is again a fashion trend.
By Miriam