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The New Power Couple – Pink and Red

The New Power Couple – Pink and Red

Ladies and gents, make some space, because we want to introduce to you – the hottest, the fiercest, the coolest, the most powerful colour combination of summer 2018: red and pink.

My mother used to say: “Little girl, you never wear pink and red together, they just don’t go along!” and here I am proving her wrong. Pink and red, that is not the “pretty, girlie” colour – it is a bold and bright combination of two of the most hottest colours for 2018. Rules are made to be ignored, I guess – sorry Mum. So somebody was bold enough to match these colours and create a power couple.

The combination reminds me a bit of Valentine's Day, but it is not that cute, if you think about it. The looks come in pants and tops, socks and shoes, dresses and jackets. Pink is no longer just the colour of gender binaries, but more an optimistic statement. You cannot grow too old for that colour anymore. And pink together with red – that is colour blocking at its highest level. The streets, the runways, bloggers matching those wide-leg red pants with a pink shirt. Or a red dress with a pink coat. Pink blazer with red blouse. Pink dress with red bag. Pink socks with red sandals.

showed the flamingo pink with the brand’s signature red. Or Oscar de la Renta presenting saw fuchsia trousers paired with geometric crimson knit. Phillip Lim showed the pantsuit with a paper bag-waist taffy suit of pink and red. Proenza Schouler used shades of red and pink.

Online shops like na-kd or nastygal have named the colour combination and dedicated own editions to the trend, showing how it’s done. Wearing these colours together and doing it right. Go big and bold and add some drama. What about some high-waist pink shorts with rose prints and a red blouse? Or red jeans with a pink tank top?
You can also just add a little detail, like a bag, heels, red prints on pink clothes, pink stripes. Don’t make me write you all the combinations or possibilities. That is just way too much.

Get inspired by Balenciaga, Versace and Miu Miu or Gucci or the street styles of bloggers at Milan Fashion Week. We selected some pictures for you to show you some combinations. Now it’s your turn…
By Miriam