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Trend Report 2018 – Part I

Trend Report 2018 – Part I

We loved the fashion in 2017 but cannot wait for the new trends that will rock 2018. 
So here is our trend style report for you, just in time to get a great lookout on what to expect from 2018. 


Nothing is more sexy than wearing a transparent garment over a normal one. Nothing to see really, but let imagination play with it. Fendi, Maison Margiela, Gucci, Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta – all big names played with the upcoming trend on their catwalk. Some of them showed transparent coats, skirts, dresses or shirts. Get inspired and be prepared to show (indirectly) more skin in 2018. 


Yes, that’s right – plastic in fashion. It is delicate like glass, but with an edge to it. A mix of leather and plastic - like the styles you saw for Chanel or Valentino at Paris Fashion Week. A statement that designers loved to play with. The result: bags and shoes in plastic or even coats. And best thing about it, they are also transparent.
By Miriam