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Paris' Finest Street Styles During Haute Couture 2018

Paris' Finest Street Styles During Haute Couture 2018

Oh Paris, you bring out fashion's finest! And we are not just talking about the shows you are hosting but also about what they would be without their chicest attendees. In Paris, however it was all about the Parisian chic that everyone reinterpreted for themselves.

We spotted impeccable looks on Caro and Michelle, witnessed striking outfits on Sofie Valkiers and Caroline de Maigret but most of all we can tell that this time, it was all in the details. Rich fabrics, exciting accessoires and a peppery dose of Chanel. It is time to provide you with some haute-inspiration.

Click through our street style gallery and see a fine selection of couture–y captures of Paris' best dressed women.

By Marie