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Looks of Paris Fashion Week – Spring/Summer

Looks of Paris Fashion Week – Spring/Summer

Paris – the city of fashion. Big names like Chanel and Dior were born here. In the capital of France. 

Paris Fashion Week is not only about beautiful designs; it is more a homage to great fashion houses like Balmain, Hermes or Chanel. A stage for prêt-à-porter and haute couture and numerous of street style looks. 

Let's have a look at some very outstanding street styles of Paris Fashion week.

Bloggers are coming to Paris Fashion Week each season. Aimee from Songofstyle as well, her look a bright leather red blue combo paired with a black hat and black shades. Caro Daur also attended Paris Fashion Week and we caught her wearing an entire look of Dior pieces. A bralette, wide pants, Dior heels and a Dior bag in tomato red. And Chiara Ferragni of course, no fashion week without her. She showed up with jeans, puffer tweed bomber jacket. A very casual style, a bit sporty with some bright pink and purple tones in there. 

Maison Chanel is maybe one of the biggest shows at Paris Fashion Week. With designer Karl Lagerfeld always pulling off amazing showcases of latest designs and taking place in the most spectacular settings – the Chanel show is a highlight for everybody. Blogger Gilda and others attend in Chanel from head to toe. Gilda is wearing jeans with a Chanel belt, white tee, Chanel tweed jacket and of course Chanel bag. Tones are blue and white here, very casual and kind of a marine look. 

Blogger Akimoto Kozue selected a more futuristic look. Shiny highlights with her silver outfit. Adding a black blouse and black heels. She is not only walking the streets of Paris with this look, but right into the trend of fall/winter season 2017. 

Chriselle Lim is also wearing her modern interpretation of Chanel. A white dress with a jumper in black underneath, Chanel bag and black booties.
Here is our favourite look, Ji Young wore a blue look. But not only was blue a focus, she mixed three different prints in her look: floral skirt, striped blouse and checked oversized jacket. She added some white boots. A masculine look, but we love it. Who said mix and match only works for colours? This year was all about prints and this look is just the portrait of it. 

So Paris, again we saw amazing effortless and chic looks. Fashion and street style seem calmer here than in London. Maybe it is the French lifestyle that comes to life in these looks. 
By Miriam